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What is a postpartum doula

Some people hire a private labor coach, or doula, to assist during pregnancy and childbirth.  Similarly, there are doulas  like myself who specialize in helping families after with newborn baby's , easing the burdens of daily life so you can concentrate on your baby, rest and recovery from childbirth.

Postpartum doulas don't have medical degrees but rather are trained or experienced in providing care during the first days, weeks or months after baby arrives.  They'll do all sorts of things to help ease your transition to new parenthood and infant care


My name is Linda Ping Pan and I am an International Doula Institute certified Postpartum Doula.  I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a powerful need to give it.

I help you care for yourself after birth and during any surgical recovery period from a cesarean section. All mothers need time to recuperate, relax, and nurture herself while the families’ needs are taken care of.  I will support the adjustment process with your first newborn or manage integration with the addition of a new family member.  Lending a helping hand to a partner and or siblings during the transition of their new role.

I provide service throughout southern California with Infant Care in Santa Monica to Newport Beach, Los Angeles and inland to Palm Desert.


Get Some Rest

Baby's feeding requirements are very hectic the first month or so, but I'll be there to assist with pumping and bottle feeding while you and family get  some much needed sleep.

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I will come to your home and discuss my role relative to your needs and desires.  Just call when the baby arrives and I will be there to help you get settled at home.


Why my customers like me

Janet M.

Central LA, Los Angeles

We were referred to Linda by a friend and was happy to have chosen her for our baby doula.  I had been staying home with my 5 month old and having post partum pains that were not getting any better by constantly holding, rocking, feeding, lifting etc, day and nights.  After interviewing several candidates, we felt that Linda's love of babies and families shined through.  We were so right about her! Her time with us was so valuable. She would have so much fun with our son and anyone who walked in could tell by his screams of laughter and constant smiling and giggling.  She was also really great at calming him down, and making sure he was a happy baby.  Baths, walks, playtime, naps, laundry, dishes, cleaning, and even cooking for me!  I felt at times I had a masseuse, baby nurse, post partum doula, and friend all in one!  I was able to get naps and a peace of mind while Linda would be with our baby.  She is very trusthworthy and kind.  Could not have found a better doula

Anais A.

Redondo Beach, CA

Linda is an amazing doula! Very positive and happy person, she took good care of our son! She sings beautiful Chinese melodies and gives good infant massage. She is hard-working, on-time and conscientious helping with the baby, family, laundry and light cleaning. Our son loves her. Always smiling and giggling with her when I pick him up.

Kurt A.

Redondo Beach, CA

Linda is one of the most caring, honest and trustworthy women I have had the pleasure to work with. She loves babies with all her heart and I would highly recommend her. Furthermore, she is always on time, professional, and extremely dependable. 

Patrick J.

San Gabriel, CA 

Our baby was 4.5 months when Linda started with us. We have been through some rough times, our refusing to feed from the bottle, causing missed feedings, naps and lots of fussiness.  My wife needed some physical and psychological relief from being a nursing mother.  Linda helped with all of this and more.  My wife was able to get naps while she took care of our baby.  She was always on time and would stay longer at times that made me feel so grateful.  She genuinely cares about babies and that showed through her play time, nap time, bath time, walking, and lots of laughing and giggling together with our daughter.

Linda would also help around the house with cleaning, laundry, dishes.  Our toddler was taken to the park by her multiple times when she saw that my wife was having a rough time handling both.  Linda would make sure that my wife was taken care of, by offering her healthy meals, fresh vegetables and fruits, and sharing some of her nutritious foods.   She would often give both my wife and baby massages.

If you are looking for a post-partum doula, and/or baby nurse and want someone reliable, we wholeheartedly recommend Linda.  She is a positive, happy, trustworthy and caring person.  She has been a huge help in helping our baby and family to adjust better during this overwhelming but happy part of our lives.  We absolutely love her and our family will miss her very much.

Qin G.

Carson, CA

Linda is great!!!  She is patient, kind and reliable.  My kids and I are very happy to have found her. We feel Linda is part of our family. I can say that when my children are with Linda I know they are in good hands because Linda makes their welfare her priority.

Jim K.

Hermosa Beach, CA 


I have known Linda Ping to be a very reliable , responsible person who is honest , always on time and always handles situations with children in a wonderful manner . Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good doula . She truly loves babies.

Dan B. Redondo Beach 

Linda is a great person.  I have known her for four years and she is honest and reliable, amazing, actually.  She works very hard at everything she does and can anticipate your needs.   I would recommend her for any Doula activities.

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